Given the sophistication of technology available today, one would think that companies would do a remarkable job communicating with their job prospects throughout the entire recruiting process.

You would think that they would do an even better job of telling candidates about their employee value proposition from the beginning.

Ideally you would also think that they could make quick decisions and let candidates know the status of their decision making process in an ongoing manner.

In fact, for over 80% of companies recruiting – this isn’t true.

Even with sophisticated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), staffing operations within companies do a poor job catering to their job candidates (i.e., their consumers), and despite the fact almost all companies use some form of an ATS.  However most companies implement an ATS to make the job of collecting data, processing data, and reporting easier for their company personnel, often times at the frustration of the job candidate.

Today’s web generation of job seekers have different expectations.  Five years ago, when job candidates began to apply online it was still ok to ask them to spend 45 minutes going through an online, text-based job application before even telling them about the company. Today it is not.  Job seekers are still willing to spend a little bit of time to determine if the company is right for them, however, they expect something in return – information about why this is a good place for them to work.  If they don’t find that employee value proposition quickly you will lose them.  They also want a process that is interactive and makes use of video (or audio).  And this doesn’t mean solely choosing one of 10 employee testimonials to hear.  It means they want someone to tell them about what’s most important to them.

If your application process is still relying on having someone find a job opening, register to apply, apply through a text-based application, and then at the end send them an automated email thanking them for their time – then you will be in trouble in the near future.  The war for talent is as active as ever and those that adjust their processes to meet the needs of their consumers (i.e., job applicants) will win.  Make sure you create an interactive, engaging, and informative application process

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