Every Client is unique.

That’s why we offer a breadth of services that can help!

As a full service firm, AlignMark is qualified to assist in many ways. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you!

360 Feedback

One of the most accurate and impactful assessment tools available, 360 feedback has been a part of AlignMark’s work for over 20 years. Our Senior-level Consultants can help clients with all aspects; survey design, communications, administration, reporting, and post survey feedback sessions.  Visit www.alignmark360feedback.com for more information.

Competency Modeling

Defining the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for exceptional performance, competency models often serve as a underpinning to a company’s sourcing, selection, development, and review processes. AlignMark Consultants have design hundreds of models over the years… we can help!


Job Analysis

A great selection process often starts here – defining the specific tasks, responsibilities, and required for a particular position. This process (and the resulting documentation) form the basis of a highly effective selection process… and establishing your legal defensibility.

Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers are one of the most valid predictors of job performance. Done well, they can be a VERY powerful tool in your selection/succession processes. Designing assessment centers has been a core expertise for AlignMark since day one. In fact, we were among the pioneers in this space.

Assessment Design

Clients come to us with a variety of assessment needs: skills-based assessments, knowledge tests, simulations, and surveys. The big advantage to working with AlignMark is that we can handle it! Our staff highly experienced staff knows the best practices and science behind creating customized assessments.


It might sound like an obvious point, but it’s critical that your selection tools actually work! It’s also important that they hold up in court should you ever be challenged. Validation ensures that both of these are the case, and our team of Industrial Psychologists can guide you through every step in the process.

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