Companies Still are Challenged to Understand Hiring vs. Recruiting

Companies need to engage more through their online application experience. Candidates are left with the same process regardless of the path they want to take. Too many quality candidates are lost in burdensome application processes.

AlignMark conducted a study of over 100 well-known corporations, evaluating their online application process. A majority of career pages follow the same structure:

  • Information dump
  • Not Tailored
  • Require Personal Information Upfront
  • Content Not Fresh

Download this white paper to learn more about creating an interactive and unique application experience tailored to each individual and position to which they apply.

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Five Benefits of an Automated Online Interview

What is an Automated Interview?

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Attracting and Hiring Top Talent. Learn what job candidates want to know and what they expect from you.


Online Interview

Hiring mistakes costs US businesses billions of dollars annually; largely driven by unreliable resumes and traditional first interviews.

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