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AlignMark's Resource Library reflects our latest research and demonstrates expertise in helping companies optimize their investment in human capital. Feel free to download any of our white papers and success stories, and to read our blog. We have further books and publications available upon request.

AlignMark’s solutions assist companies in improving their recruiting and selection processes / systems across a variety of positions, including sales, teller and financial, customer service and management.


AlignMark's Latest White Papers in Recruiting, Selection and Assessment

Using Social Media in Corporate Recruitment

As the corporate world engages more through social media, study these papers by Dr. Cabot Jaffee to be on the leading edge with social media strategies in your company’s recruitment efforts to reach both passive and active job seekers.

Talent Acquisition is Shifting with Social Media

The Role of Social Media in Finding & Hiring the Right Talent

Navigate the World of Twitter for Recruitment & Selection

Apply Twitter to Your Organization's Recruitng and Selection Strategy

Social Media:  Engaging Strategies

Turn Social Media into an Inbound Recruiting Tool


Attracting Top Talent

Though unemployment figures may be high, attracting the right talent for your needs is still not easy.  Read our insight into best practices for companies to attract and hire top talent.

Engaging & Hiring Sales Professional

Which is More Important - the Candidate or Recruiter Experience?

Companies Still are Challenged to Understand Hiring vs. Recruiting

Attracting and Hiring Top Talent

A Re-Look at Talent Management Strategies 

Talent Acquisition is Shifting with Social Media


Building World Class Organizations

Creating a successful talent management practices can be challenging. We'll show you how incorporating good talent management practices into a philosophy of utilizing assessment data to drive decisions will have a significant impact on revenue and profit.  

Recruiting and Selection Risk Management

Building a World Class Sales Organization

Assessment Center and Web 2.0 Technology


Recruiting for Banks and Financial Institutions

Most financial institutions tolerate a 30%-50% error (turnover) rate on hiring. So when it comes to hiring decisions why don’t banks systematically manage their hiring risk like they do in the other aspects of their operation?

Challenges in Hiring

Understanding "Hiring" vs. "Recruiting"

Talent Attraction vs. Screening

Managing Hiring Risks for Banks


Retail Recruiting 

Reduce Hiring Costs by 30% AND Shorten Recruitment Cycles! Download this paper today.

Challenges in Seasonal Hiring for Retailers


Presentations by Dr. Cabot Jaffee

Online Job Simulation

Online Automated Interviews