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Integrated Solutions That Improve Organizational Performance

The complexity of today's business landscape is constantly increasing, and your ability to improve key organizational metrics increasingly requires integrated approaches and systems thinking.

Hiring high potential sales personnel won't enhance revenues if turnover problems aren't addressed. Likewise, highly talented employees cannot effectively contribute to success if their efforts aren't aligned with the strategic direction of the company. That's why AlignMark offers integrated products and services that allow companies to address a wide variety of mission-critical needs.

AlignMark’s Suite of Solutions

Sourcing & Recruitment– Attract and prescreen applicants and build employer-of-choice branding to communicate your employer value proposition.  AlignMark’s AccuRecruiter automated online video interaction matches the best candidates to your job openings while concurrently delivering a personalized interaction and message to each unique candidate.

Selection & Assessment – A suite of assessment tools to select top talent by assessing their skills that are critical to success for on-the-job performance. AlignMark's AccuVision ® Systems is a unique family of assessment tools which combines job simulation, video, and computer technologies to evaluate the skills and abilities required for success in specific job positions. For more than 15 years, organizations across all industries have used AccuVision to achieve greater accuracy in hiring and promotional decisions.

Job Specific Assessments:

Sales Solution Assessments Suite – AlignMark has developed over the course of our 35 years of experience a suite of solutions to recruit more sales talent, find better qualified talent and select top producers. Our solutions help companies increase applicant flow up to 50%, increase hiring rate by 25%, reducing turnover and improving on the job sales performance.

Consulting Services – AlignMark has provided expertise in the human resource talent assessment arena for over 35 years. We can provide help with the following items:

1. Job Analysis—What are the skills, abilities, and competencies necessary to successfully perform the job?

2. Competency Modeling—What competencies should be considered for this job family or position?

3. Validation Studies—How do I make sure the test is performing as desired?

4. Job Simulations—How do I obtain a more direct measure of skills and competencies, rather than rely on self-report information?

5. Customized Test Development—How do I address unique job or cultural requirements in my assessment process?

Real Estate SolutionsFor 12 years AlignMark has been the leading expert in solutions to help brokers and managers recruit real estate sales agents.  We are the providers of the Real Estate Simulator, used to hire thousands of real estate agents, Real Estate AccuRecruiter, AlignMark Recruiting Management System, etc.

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