Companies want to choose who to hire.  The same holds true for job candidates. They too are making a choice – the choice of which company they want to work for.  If companies take that for granted they will continue to lose quality applicants during their hiring process. As noted by CareerBuilder, 60 percent of job seekers quit in the middle of the process.

Companies are spending billions of dollars advertising jobs and trying to attract job candidates to apply to their job openings.  Too many qualified candidates never make it through most companies’ application process because they are too long and boring.  Career sites today are largely text-based, difficult to navigate, and ask too many questions. And this happens all before the candidate has enough information to find out if they even want to work for the organization. It has become difficult for candidates to find relevant information about the company and positions during their decision making process.

Long online application processes create barriers for candidates that result in a lot of practical problems for recruiters, such as spending way too much time with low probability candidates, and not enough time with the best qualified.  Plus, the lack of interactivity and engagement within the company’s career pages turn away the passive job seeker – potentially blocking them from any more visits to your site.

Ultimately these factors reduce the quality of hires, which is costing companies millions each year by hiring the wrong people.

Companies need a recruiting system to both attract and pre-screen talent.  They need a system that sources more candidates and recruits more efficiently. Each applicant should have their own unique experience that is engaging and most relevant to them. Companies need to improve how they connect with passive job candidates and provide a way to identify high potential candidates early in the process, so they are expedited through their recruiting process. Moreover, GenWeb candidates expect an interesting and unique exchange while learning about the organization.  And each candidate should be provided a specific message where they stand in the application process.

By improving your recruiting process with functionality described in this article you make sure the candidates you want are getting through your process.  This means you can reduce wasted time and resources on job prospects that will never be right for your company and focus your attention on the right candidates. In fact, you can increase your applicant pool by greater than 30%, cut your recruiting time by 40%, reduce turnover by 30%, and generate a significant ROI.

To learn more about how to engage the passive job seeker and provide each candidate a unique experience, click here to view our video on AccuRecruiter .

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