Valid Survey Content

If you want great results, you’ll need to start with great survey content.  Whether you leverage AlignMark’s existing library of surveys (no extra charge), use our content as a starting point for customization, or want to deliver your existing survey, we’ve got you covered!

Flexible Technology

If there is one word to describe AlignMark’s survey administration and reporting technology, it would be “flexible”.  Survey presentation, rater groups, survey scales, collection of comments, and report elements – they’re all flexible to meet your needs.

The Human Factor

Yep… there are actually humans behind our technology.  In fact, that’s really the secret sauce!  Our service folks jump through hoops to exceed expectations and our seasoned Industrial Psychologists guide participants on a journey from insight into developmental action.

Why Alignmark?

  • We’ve delivered over 5 million assessments
  • We’ll bring over 30 years of experience to your project
  • Our highly flexible technology is designed to meet your needs
  • We’ll help you increase performance – NOT just deliver a survey
  • Our “white-glove” service allows you to sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting

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