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Somewhere along the way, we think things got a bit off track. With technology advancing at lightning speed, the market has become filled with slick tools, all promising to help you source talent.  But when you pull back the curtains, you often find that impressive looking technology falls short when it comes to actually helping you identify and hire the BEST talent.


AlignMark-ScienceAt AlignMark, sound science comes first.

For over 40 years, our experienced staff of Industrial Psychologists have partnered with clients to create valid, legally defensible sourcing and selection processes. Innovative technology is always an important piece of the puzzle, but great hiring should ALWAYS start with great science.

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Typical online interview?  Not even close!

HP-AccuRecruiterTimes have changed. The traditional, one-sided, “you-ask-all-the-questions” approach to interviewing is a thing of the past. Today’s top job candidates are demanding more. More information. More flexibility. More interactivity.

If you want to attract top talent, you’ve got to be a little, shall we say? Non-traditional.

Introducing AccuRecruiter, the market’s first SMART video interviewing experience.  Blending sound science with innovative technology, AccuRecruiter offers each candidate a truly unique and interactive experience. It’s a two-way street. They learn about your company and what it’s like to work there, you learn about their experience, skills, and interests.

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See their job skills in action BEFORE you make the offer

arrowsWhen it comes to selecting the best candidate, it’s not always a matter of “what you see is what you get”. Unfortunately, what you see in a typical interview can be FAR from what you get after a few days on the job! If you’d like to predict a candidate’s job performance four to five times better than a typical interview, AccuVision can help! Through a challenging online job simulation, your candidates experience a realistic “day on the job,” while the system collects critical information about their performance. What’s all this mean for you? It means you’ll be leveraging a valid, legally defensible assessment tool. More importantly, it means you’ll be making better hires!

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Better Recruiting and Selection in Today’s Economy

Driving better hiring, development and promotion decisions. The recession is mostly behind us; and with the economy continuing to strengthen, many organizations will need to staff up while trying to retain their current workforce. Are you ready for this? Do you have the tools? Do you know the questions to ask? Today talent leaders are under pressure to help business managers make smart talent decisions within a climate of flat or reduced HR budgets. But retaining key employees has an immediate and financial impact. Talent leaders can stem a probable tide of departures and lay a strategic foundation to acquire new talent by making an organizational commitment to create a workforce culture based on talent measurement. Begin With the End in Mind – Measure Success Strategic talent programs need to measure success and demonstrate value to the organization, proving their impact on business outcomes. Success measures must be considered and prepared for in the early stages of a program’s inception. What are the business goals? How will program impact be measured? What data is available, and is it linked to the talent program? Does the organization value those particular data points? Most seasoned recruiting professionals know what it’s like to make tough decisions and manage staffing challenges through up and down cycles. They then, work with business leaders within their organization to set goals and rely on objective data to monitor and improve the overall function of their talent management programs – Scientific measures guide their strategy and inform their tactics. We have to constantly find new ways to measure, report and, most importantly, take action based on our... read more

What Does It Take to Hire the “Right” Talent?

Despite thousands of applicants applying to organizations with job opportunities, businesses today are facing a long-term talent shortage unlike anything experienced over the past several decades. Leading editorials as diverse as The Economist and CNN Money have pointed out that the problem is the shrinkage in highly skilled work force, increasing worldwide demand for highly skilled knowledge workers and globalization of the economy will create difficulty for even the most creative and successful businesses in managing their talent pipeline. Over the next 5-10 years, the demand for talented people will far exceed the availability of skilled workers – at all levels, and in all industries. Before proceeding further, let’s put things into perspective. The recruitment and staffing department within each organization is responsible for recruiting the primary assets of the company – its workforce. For a company to make sure that their recruiting department is effective and efficient, proper performance metrics must be employed along with the aid of tools and techniques to source and screen talent. How do I know I have a problem? I have fewer applicants than I’d like showing up at my door Resumes never give me the right picture I am spending too much time calling each candidate I am spending too much time talking to candidates that are not really qualified My applicant to hire ratio is very low Line organizations constantly differ with the candidates that are shortlisted As we speak with staffing and talent acquisition executives from around the world, they all express frustration in creating a measurable means that drives one main objective – getting the right candidate for the job. In order... read more

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