Partner Program

AlignMark Partner Program

AlignMark is always looking for mutually beneficial partners to help us solve the problems of our customers. If you have a product or service that you feel would be complimentary to our offerings, please drop us a line. Likewise, if you are a distributor looking for best in class products and services to bring to your network, we would welcome the discussion.


AlignMark’s Partnership with Peak Performance allows us to offer our clients training services in the manufacturing industry through the PEAK Workforce Training Center.

Through this training center we will be offering engaging learning experiences to help the development of our client’s employees.

The Workforce Training Center offers a multitude of different trainings that are easy to access with internet connection. The trainings are offered on both computer and mobile devices, with trainings in both in English and Spanish. Click here to see a demo of PEAK Workforce Training Center in action. 

Trainings can be individualized to fit employee needs and can grow as your company grows. This training center will also give employees, supervisors and HR managers a one-stop-shop where they can manage all training activities.


Interested in Becoming a  Partner?