AlignMark 360 Feedback

A Smarter Approach That Drives Real Performance Improvement

A Smarter Approach.

Let’s face it.  There’s NO lack of 360 vendors competing for your attention.  With all the bells and whistles, it can be a real challenge trying to make sense of it all!  We believe most offerings in the market miss the mark, losing sight of the most important aspect of all – positive behavioral change.

Too often, 360 feedback is treated as an “event,” with the reports quickly getting filed away.  At AlignMark, we’re committed to changing this for our clients.  Through our process, reports, and personalized feedback and coaching, we’re laser-focused on helping your employees experience real, lasting performance improvement.


Valid Survey Content

If you want great results, you’ll need to start with great survey content.  Whether you leverage AlignMark’s existing library of surveys (no extra charge), use our content as a starting point for customization, or want to deliver your existing survey, we’ve got you covered!

Flexible Technology

If there is one word to describe AlignMark’s survey administration and reporting technology, it would be “flexible”.  Survey presentation, rater groups, survey scales, collection of comments, and report elements – they’re all flexible to meet your needs.

The Human Factor

Yep… there are actually humans behind our technology.  In fact, that’s really the secret sauce!  Our service folks jump through hoops to exceed expectations and our seasoned Industrial Psychologists guide participants on a journey from insight into developmental action.

The Survey Process Couldn’t Be Simpler.


Raters are Assigned

Rater can either be assigned directly by the participant through the software (where the participant would receive an email invitation to take action) or our team can preload an approved list of raters for each participant.


 Confidential Surveys are Completed


As raters are assigned (or preloaded), emails will be sent to the respective individuals assigned to complete the participant surveys. Your schedule will dictate when those surveys are due and we’ll take care of sending out reminders to those folks with outstanding surveys. This helps ensure the best possible response rate.


Feedback Reports are Generated


After the survey campaign is complete, we generate the feedback reports. These can be sent to one central company contact (i.e., project lead in HR) or directly to the participants. We’ll work with you to determine what is best based on the feedback strategy that has been defined.


Feedback, Planning and Development Begin

The survey process is useless unless you have a development plan for each participant.  The most successful campaigns will be those who work with the participants to create a development plan using their feedback.  Check out our Feedback & Coaching offerings for more information.

Do a Free, Quick Review of Your 360 Feedback Process

Whether you need help with content or you have your own survey, we can help!

Our Validated Surveys

Our four established surveys target four levels of leadership:

  1. Executive – Typically used for title Vice President and above, this is our most senior-level assessment
  2. Manager – Applicable to a wide variety of leaders from new managers through “managers of managers”
  3. Front Line Leader – Most often used for those who supervise a company’s individual contributor populat
  4. Sales Leader – Typically used for Sales Manager and above

Number of Competencies: 8 | Number of Items: 45

Strategic Perspective
Communicates with Impact
Innovation Leadership
Drive and Judgment
Results Orientation
Builds Organizational Capabilities


Number of Competencies: 6 | Number of Items: 47

Results Orientation
Interpersonal Relations
Drive & Judgment

Front Line Leader

Number of Competencies: 6 | Number of Items: 40

Performance Management
Team Building
Change Orientation
Initiative & Judgment

Sales Leader Survey

Number of Competencies: 5 | Number of Items: 34

Results Orientation
Inspirational Leadership
Industry / Market Expertise
Develops and Mentors Other

Surveys Delivered Your Way

Via our flexible 360 feedback survey platform, we offer a host of options to ensure you get the solution you need. Here are just a few of the most common customization options:

  • Including your company’s brand
  • Defining your own rating scale
  • Defining custom rater roles
  • Including comment collection
  • Configuring email communications

Real Insights

Too many 360 reports in the market are overly complex and confusing for participants.  Our reports have been designed to help participants clearly understand the “big picture” and then quickly drill down to the most critical drivers of performance.  Here are a few highlights:

  • A summary of competency-level results
  • A deeper dive into specific behavioral results
  • Presentation of the verbatim comments collected from raters (if included)
  • Identification of the highest and lowest rated behaviors
  • Uncovering blind spots and hidden strengths
  • Providing targeted suggestions for development

Feedback & Coaching Packages

Level 1

Expert Interpretation & Development Kick Start

  • Report delivered and pre-read by focal manager.
  • 45-60 minute phone call with focal manager to:
    • Discuss the objectives for the process
    • Perform a walk-through of the report and identify key themes
    • Discuss more specific behavioral findings and offer developmental strategies
    • Offer a template and best practices for creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
    • Suggest specific next steps the focal manager should take within the next 30 days

Level 2

Individual Development Planning (IDP) Deep Dive

  • Includes the initial session described in Level 1 (i.e., Call 1)
  • Call/Discussion 2 (1 hour)
    • Perform deeper analysis and discussion of the underlying causes of results
    • The focal manager can choose to include his/her manager in this discussion
    • Coach will provide specific counsel and advice to help the focal manager prepare an IDP
    • Homework: Focal manager is to create actual IDP and submit to AlignMark Coach for review
  • Call/Discussion 3 (1 hour)
    • The focal manager’s IDP is reviewed in detail
    • Coach will work with the focal manager to finalize the IDP
    • A list of 3-5 key action items are identified as priorities for the next 30-60 days
    • A copy of the IDP and 30-60 day priorities are provided to the focal manager’s supervisor

Level 3

Comprehensive Coaching Engagement and Reassessment

  • Includes all sessions and outcomes outlined in Levels 1 and 2
  • 4 structured 30-minute sessions to discuss progress on IDP and modify as needed (monthly)
  • Focal manager has access to his/her AlignMark Coach for ongoing questions/support
  • After 90-120 days, administration of a “trend” survey to measure progress
  • Review trend survey results to monitor improvement and re-focus IDP actions based on findings
  • Guaranteed improvement – if improvement is not seen we will continue to work with them until improvement is seen. This could include additional sessions, additional survey administrations, etc.

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