Struggling with high-volume hiring? Need to identify top performers fast?

Automated, video-based job application screening and assessment services.

360 Degree Feedback Done Right!

Easy-to-use Technology. Powerful Insights. White Glove Service.

Screen & Assess With Ease

Use our hiring tools to focus only on qualified candidates, saving you time and creating a better applicant experience.

Pre-Employment Testing

Reduce time spent pre-screening candidates by 20%

Handle 10-20 times more candidates

Keep top-performers engaged throughout your hiring process


Make awkward questions more pleasant


Be sure candidates can DO the job before you hire them

360 Feedback That Leads to Positive Change

Validated established surveys or 100% custom

Quick and Easy for participants, raters, and administrators

Insightful reporting with actionable suggestions for development

Optional one-on-one or group feedback and coaching


Over 40 years of assessment experience

360 Degree Feedback

Through our process, reports, and personalized feedback and coaching, we’re laser-focused on helping your employees experience real, lasting performance improvement.

Some of the Industries we serve

real estate

Financial Services


Gig Economy




Exceptional hiring achieved through sound science

“Our company began with the idea that through science, we could make a difference with how companies hire people. All our products and services begin with studies and proven methodologies first before being released to the public. Our guiding principle and ultimate differentiator is that we know what we deliver works because we have proven it through this approach time and time again.”

Dr. Cabot Jaffee
CEO of Alignmark

What People Are Saying

In a short period of time AlignMark’s System has saved us 10-15 hours per month on hiring, and reduced our turnover. We now have one of the most efficient hiring processes, and lowest turnover rates in our entire area, in large part due to AlignMark. Plus, I couldn’t ask for better service and support.


Frank Yurchak

Owner / Operator

AlignMark’s System has helped us find and hire top performers easily. In addition, they are a pleasure to work with, always going above and beyond to accommodate our needs.




Melissa Willer

HR Generalist

Our customers love us, and it shows

There for YOU, even in the most challenging times

AlignMark has been helping clients for over 40 years. We have seen the market ebb and flow and have successfully helped many organizations navigate numerous economic crises…

The 1970’s

Energy Crisis

The 1980’s

Black Monday and Savings and Loans Crisis

The 1990’s


The 2000’s

Dot Com Bubble and Financial Mortgage Crisis


Coronavirus Pandemic and Economic Crisis

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360 Degree Feedback

Having a thorough understanding of how to effectively utilize 360 Degree Feedback is crucial for any evaluation process. The foundation of a successful review lies in a well-crafted survey that specifically addresses the individual’s role and responsibilities. Here at AlignMark, we take pride in delivering exceptional reports that not only provide valuable insights but also serve as a tool for personal growth and development, rather than being stowed away and forgotten.

Pre-Employment Testing

Discovering the ideal job candidates often necessitates the utilization of Pre-Employment Testing. The crucial first step in guaranteeing the test’s usefulness to your organization is to employ a validated examination. Appreciating the appropriate type of test to administer and when to administer it during the hiring process is paramount to achieving a favorable outcome. At AlignMark, we possess a wealth of experience, having evaluated over 6 million applicants from a myriad of industries.


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