Pre-Screen and Assess for High Performers

We make it easy to fast-track top candidates (while saving you some SERIOUS time!)


Say goodbye to the traditional job application.

Say hello to AccuRecruiter.

A virtual job application solution designed to easily hire team members


Automatically interview and pre-screen team members – anywhere, anytime

Slash your candidate screening time while reducing your workload


Spend your time and effort with only the strongest candidates


Gain a more complete view of candidates with optional video capture capability

Streamlined process. Astounding results.


Invite candidates to complete their application by visiting a unique url with your virtual application



During the application process candidates learn about the position and you learn about them


Using adaptive questions and custom scoring, each candidate is evaluated against your set criteria


Only Candidates meeting your success criteria are invited into the next step in your process

AccuRecruiter’s unique “2-way” video interaction allows candidates to learn about your company, while allowing you to assess the candidate’s experience and preferences relative to open positions.

Based on application responses and preferences, candidates are evaluated in real-time against your open positions.

All candidate data is managed through an easy-to-use dashboard.

It’s all tailored for you… and we do it all, quickly and simply.


Your script

Choose from our library of questions, or we can quickly and easily develop custom questions and scoring for your organization.

Your brand message

We create the video based on our chosen questions and ensure your company brand message is commercial.

Your process

We provide a simple backend database that gives you all the information you need to follow up with candidates.


See them in action BEFORE you make the offer.

Introducing AccuVision Assessment.

It’s time to go beyond the typical pre-hire assessment. It’s time for a more effective approach – combining online job simulation, personality assessment, and video to evaluate the skills, abilities and job fit required for success.

How does the AccuVision Assessment work?

The AccuVision Assessment uses a technique called job simulation. Candidates are presented with highly realistic and engaging work scenarios. At key points throughout the assessment, the action is stopped, and the candidate is asked how THEY would handle the issue.

In addition, AccuVision includes an in-depth personality assessment.

Upon completion, a “Probability of Success” score is generated that can be used to assist in making valid selection decisions. 

A more detailed Skill Profile is also included outlining the candidate’s relative strengths and areas for improvement.

Delivering business results

You can expect AccuVision to predict a candidate’s job performance four to five times better than a typical interview. Yep, you read that correctly – four to five times better!

But it goes beyond this… AccuVision delivers serious business results.

Better hiring decisions

Significantly increase your “hit rate” by using a valid and legally defensible selection tool

A development “kick-start”

Leverage AccuVision results on day 1 to tailor coaching and developmental needs of new hires

Reduced Turnover

Identify candidates with a higher probability of success, thus a lower turnover rate

Streamlined selection process

Quickly screen out unqualified applicants, allowing you to prioritize your higher caliber applicants

Ease of administration

Whether for 1 or 1000 applicants, it’s a breeze to schedule assessments and generate reports



ADA and EEO compliant

You can rest easy knowing AccuVision will fully meet legal and regulatory requirements