Intro to Team Enhancement Training

One of our newest offerings is our 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team- Team Enhancement Training Program. We have become facilitators of Wiley’s product the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team which is a great way to start team building in any organization. The core values of this program are to build a team based on the 5 behaviors that are explained in the training.  The modules include: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.  This training will be a course that can be done virtually or  in person and is great for any group within your organization and makes teams stronger and work better together, and ultimately drive positive results.  

Below we will outline the goals of each of the module included in this training session are about so you can get a taste of how this training will benefit any organization or team:  



  1. Explore what the term “vulnerability- based trust” means.
  2. Share what trust means to each team member.
  3. Understand the team’s current level of trust with each other.
  4. Learn about the team’s DiSC styles based on the surveys they take before the training session and how these styles impact their level of trust.
  5. Understand how trust plays into team productivity. 


  1. Understand the team’s current approach to conflict.  
  2. Answer questions regarding conflict concepts.
  3. View and review assessment results with the group.  
  4. Explore how each team member’s DiSC style affects how they deal with conflict.  
  5. Take part in activity that helps team members develop their acceptable behavior during conflict.  


  1. Understand the concepts of clarity and buy-in as they relate to commitment.  
  2. Understand the team’s current level of commitment with themselves and each other.  
  3. Explore how team members DiSC style affects how they view and handle commitment.  
  4. Determine ways to increase levels of commitment within the team.  
  5. Determine reasons or occasions when the team commits or doesn’t commit to something.  


  1. Understand what accountability is and the relationship that accountability has with productivity.  
  2. Understand the team’s current level of accountability.  
  3. Explore how each team member’s DiSC style affects accountability.  
  4. Practice giving and receiving feedback. 
  5. Understand why the team should hold one another accountable. 


  1. Understand the team’s current level of focus on collective results.  
  2. Explore how each team members’ DiSC styles affect their approach to results.  
  3. Develop a common understanding of the team’s expectations.  
  4. Create a tool or process to monitor progress and future results.  

Throughout this process you are finding points in each of these 5 modules on why your team may not be as cohesive as it could possibly be and in which areas, they lack the most.  Becoming aware is the first step in making any progress towards fixing any issues. But throughout each module be sure that your team with the help from your facilitator make an action plan for each module and the entire training. This will keep the team progressing and becoming more cohesive day by day and essentially getting better results in the process.  

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