Opinion 360

Title: Opinion 360: Elevating Your Company’s Feedback Process with Alignmark


In the world of modern business, staying competitive and ensuring your organization’s success often hinges on the development of your most vital asset – your people. Since 1976, Alignmark has been at the forefront of innovation, providing pioneering tools and services that assist companies in recruiting, selecting, and nurturing their workforce. One of their standout offerings in this arena is “Opinion 360,” a powerful tool that can revolutionize your feedback processes.


Alignmark: A History of Innovation

Alignmark, a trusted name in the industry for over 40 years, has consistently been a pioneer in the realm of people assessment and development. With a rich history dating back to 1976, they have played a pivotal role in helping organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 1000 leaders to government agencies and mid-sized enterprises, harness the true potential of their human capital.


The Evolution of Opinion 360

As a part of Alignmark’s commitment to enhancing the workforce development process, Opinion 360 has emerged as a valuable tool that can significantly impact your organization’s performance and employee satisfaction. This innovative solution takes a comprehensive approach to feedback, offering a 360-degree view of an individual’s performance within the organization.


Opinion 360 is designed to provide a well-rounded assessment of an employee’s skills, strengths, and areas for improvement. This is achieved by soliciting feedback from multiple sources within the company, including supervisors, peers, subordinates, and even external stakeholders. The diversity of input allows for a more accurate and holistic evaluation of an individual’s contributions and potential.


Why Choose Opinion 360 by Alignmark?

Alignmark’s extensive expertise in the design and deployment of assessment and selection tools sets Opinion 360 apart from the competition. Here’s why you should consider Opinion 360 for your feedback and development needs:


Unmatched Experience: With over 5,000,000 assessments conducted to date, Alignmark’s experience is unparalleled. Their deep understanding of what makes an effective feedback process is evident in the quality of their solutions.


Customization: Opinion 360 can be tailored to suit your company’s unique needs and goals. Whether you’re a large corporation or a mid-sized business, Alignmark can adapt their solution to fit your requirements.


Efficiency: By automating and streamlining the feedback process, Alignmark’s Opinion 360 saves your organization valuable time and resources. It eliminates the need for manual data collection and analysis, allowing your HR team to focus on more strategic tasks.


Improved Employee Engagement: Providing employees with a voice through 360-degree feedback fosters a culture of transparency and trust. This, in turn, leads to higher engagement levels and greater job satisfaction.


Targeted Development: With insights from multiple perspectives, Opinion 360 helps identify specific areas where individuals can improve. This targeted approach to development can significantly boost overall performance.


Continuous Improvement: Alignmark’s commitment to innovation means that Opinion 360 is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the modern workplace. You can trust that you’re investing in a tool that will keep your organization ahead of the curve.



In today’s fast-paced business environment, harnessing the full potential of your workforce is essential. Alignmark, with its rich history of innovation and a deep commitment to helping companies succeed, offers Opinion 360 as a game-changing solution to enhance your feedback and development processes.


With Opinion 360, you can expect a comprehensive, efficient, and customizable approach to feedback that aligns with your company’s unique goals and requirements. Experience the difference that Alignmark can make in your organization’s journey towards greater productivity and success.


Invest in Opinion 360 by Alignmark today and empower your workforce to reach new heights of excellence. Your employees and your bottom line will thank you for it.