What is a 360 Degree Evaluation

Title: What is a 360 Degree Evaluation? A Comprehensive Guide by Alignmark


In the world of talent management, companies are continually searching for ways to enhance their hiring and development processes. One valuable tool that has gained popularity over the years is the 360-degree evaluation. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what a 360-degree evaluation is and how Alignmark, a pioneer in the industry since 1976, can help your organization leverage this powerful tool to recruit, select, and develop your most valuable asset—your people.


Understanding 360-Degree Evaluation

A 360-degree evaluation, also known as multi-rater feedback or 360-degree feedback, is a comprehensive performance assessment tool that gathers feedback from various sources within an organization. These sources typically include supervisors, peers, subordinates, and even self-evaluations. The goal is to provide a holistic view of an individual’s skills, competencies, and behaviors in the workplace.


The Benefits of 360-Degree Evaluation

Comprehensive Insights: 360-degree evaluations offer a more well-rounded perspective on an employee’s performance, going beyond the traditional top-down evaluation.


Identifying Blind Spots: It helps individuals identify blind spots in their skills and behaviors that they might not be aware of, leading to personal and professional growth.


Effective Development: Organizations can use this feedback to create tailored development plans for employees, fostering their growth and potential.


Improved Team Dynamics: By understanding how individuals impact their peers and subordinates, teams can work more cohesively, enhancing overall productivity.


Alignmark’s Expertise in 360-Degree Evaluation

Alignmark, a pioneer in the field of talent management since 1976, has a long history of innovation and expertise in the design and deployment of assessment and selection tools. With over 40 years of experience, Alignmark has been helping companies across industries hire and develop their people effectively.


Unparalleled Experience

Alignmark’s track record speaks for itself, having conducted over 5,000,000 assessments to date. This extensive experience underscores their commitment to excellence in creating solutions that streamline the pre-screening and assessment process, ensuring that applicants have the necessary skills and abilities to excel in their roles.


Tailored Solutions

What sets Alignmark apart is their ability to offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs and goals of each organization. Whether your company is a Fortune 1000 leader, a government agency, or a mid-size to smaller organization, Alignmark’s expertise is adaptable to various environments. Their solutions are designed to be efficient and effective, making them suitable for companies of all sizes.


A Holistic Approach

Alignmark understands that effective talent management goes beyond a single evaluation tool. Their holistic approach integrates 360-degree evaluations seamlessly into your talent management strategy. They can assist your organization in not only implementing the tool but also interpreting the results and developing actionable plans for growth and development.



In summary, a 360-degree evaluation is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to gain comprehensive insights into their employees’ performance and development. Alignmark, with its rich history of innovation and unparalleled expertise, is a trusted partner in helping companies harness the power of 360-degree evaluations.


If you are looking for a reliable partner to assist you in recruiting, selecting, and developing your workforce, consider Alignmark. With over 40 years of experience and a commitment to creating tailored solutions, Alignmark is well-equipped to guide your organization towards a more efficient and effective talent management process. Contact Alignmark today to explore how they can help your organization thrive through 360-degree evaluations and other innovative solutions.