We’ve all heard it constantly, “The war for talent still exists.”  The reason we keep hearing it is because it’s true.

So what are companies doing to win the war?  Not too much differently than what they’ve always done; put lots of video on their career page and hope individuals watch.  So, how do candidates determine which videos pertain to them, so they don’t spend too much time watching all of them?.  If they realize the company may be a good fit, then they will be willing to look for more information.

Candidates already spend too much time navigating the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), career information, r
egistering, searching, and filling out lengthy applications, before they know whether they even want the job.  The trick is figuring out early in the recruiting process how to keep them interested so they will continue with the more lengthy application process, to decrease your odds of losing them, and increase the number of quality candidates to choose from.

Think about it, if you knew a candidate was motivated by a high salary, corporate social responsibility, and career development – wouldn’t you tell them how your company could meet their needs?  If they were young and single and weren’t interested in benefits – would you spend much time telling them how great your benefits package was?

You will not achieve your goal of hiring quality candidates if your online process is the same for every candidate.  Candidates will drift away if they all receive the same videos; the same questions; and the same responses—nothing is unique to the unique candidate.

By using a new streamlined system of interviewing, that uses video and the internet to create a custom first interview and customized recruiting message for each candidate, you’ll find what motivates the candidate and also present your employee value proposition to them immediately.  You create an experience that causes those applicants that are a good fit to continue through the entire hiring process quickly, and you collect the information real time.  Ultimately, you make them want to work for you and thereby convert more prospects to hires.

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