Even though you have sufficient numbers of candidates are you finding the right people? Hiring the right people can be as difficult and time consuming as searching for a shiny, sharp needle in the middle of a haystack.

Over the past 5 years most companies have been comfortable with the quantity of candidates available to fill openings. During this time difficulty in filling openings remained at a historically low level. When the job market is tight, applicants applying are not always suited to positions advertised resulting in sifting through dozens or even hundreds of resumes, culling out those suited for interviews. Companies are in this conundrum now, and you realize there is huge risk associated with ignoring quality, when quantity is sufficient. Assuming a large number of applications will result in finding employees with the critical skills to be successful is a risky and costly supposition. Because of this recent history, most companies have lost focus in recruitment and selection, assuming there will be plenty of talent available whenever they need it.

Upon further probing, many companies are citing increasing difficulties attracting the “right” employees, those with the critical skills a company needs to compete in its market. Over the past five years this difficulty has continued to increase even though there are plenty of candidates available for the “average” job.

For example, a national hospitality company was easily able to fill 2,200 open sales positions last year. However, performance was still down. By focusing their recruiting and selection process on the critical skills needed and communicating their true employee value proposition to those candidates with the “right” skills, they were able to increase production in the first three months over 50%. There is a direct relationship between hiring the “right” salesperson and corresponding revenue / revenue increase. Moreover, recruiting the “right” salesperson is not easy and can’t be based on a single message to all recruits.

So what must your company do to be successful attracting the highly qualified candidate to apply/join you? It starts from the moment you make contact with them. These candidates have certain expectations that must be met in order to become their employer of choice. Highly skilled candidates are no longer willing to spend 45 minutes on a company web site filling out information without getting something in return. Companies must make their job search and talent attraction system interactive and engaging. It must also be adaptive in such a way that candidates are getting the information based on what their motivators and interests are. Only then will candidates be willing to engage in the more formal application process and invest time in finding out whether there is a fit with the organization and what they need in an employer.

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