360 degree feedback can be very effective in evaluating and developing leaders. However, not all 360 feedback projects are the same. There are many factors that make the 360-degree feedback more or less effective. FIFCO Development Manager, Rob Wrights joins Dr. Cabot Jaffee, AlignMark President & CEO to discuss what makes their 360 feedback process successful.

FIFCO is among the top 10 brewers in the United States and has some of the biggest brands in brewing: Seagram’s, Labatt Blue, Genesee, Imperial, and Magic Hat (just to name a few.) FIFCO takes leadership development seriously and it is paying off for them.

Join us for our 45-minute workshop and hear Rob discuss his secrets for getting the most out of 360 feedback and coaching process.
Key takeaways:

– How FIFCO has used 360 surveys to successfully develop their leadership team
Best 360 practices implemented at FIFCO
– Toughest challenges associated with 360’s and how FIFCO overcame them

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