Cabot Jaffee, CEO of AlignMark, was featured as a professional industrial/organizational psychologist in an article for PMQ Pizza Magazine. He was quoted multiple times regarding the best ways to hire individuals and some of the things that can be fixed to get more applicants through the door. He stated in the article that “Half the battle is just getting people interested in these jobs. Why should they work at your pizza restaurant versus the thousands of other places they can choose? The earlier a candidate finds out your unique value proposition, the more likely you will be able to hire them. If they don’t think you’re any different than the others, the candidate will simply go to the closest, highest-paying opportunity they can find.”

The article goes on to talk to Cabot Jaffee’s expertise along with other featured professionals regarding the labor problems in the Pizza Industry. The changes that are proposed are paying a living wage to employees, changing the way you think about the hiring process, and creating an employee-first culture at the pizza shop. These proposed changes are important for not only the pizza industry but every industry. By making these small changes you can get more applicants interested in your organization and get more people hired fasterCheck out the full article HERE