When it comes to pre employment assessments there are thousands on the market. Pre-employment assessments can be given both online and in person. There are various content types included in these tests which include personality and work sample assessments. To the organization hiring, these assessments can be important to help decide if candidates fit into the culture of the company and perform well on the job. Although I highlighted the above assessments, there are others on the market that can be helpful when trying to find your best fit candidate. Below are 6 pre employment assessments that are commonly used. 

  1. Personality– As stated above this is a test that many organizations utilize. It is a way to figure out if the candidate’s personality will fit in with their team. Along with this, it will help determine whether the candidate fits in with the overall culture of the company. This can be key to finding the best-fit candidates if you have many applicants that are qualified to do the job. 
  1. Cognitive Ability– The basis of this test is centered around the mental capacity to work in each role. One example of this type of test is a General Aptitude Test, which is a test centered around an individual’s reasoning. This can help an organization determine whether an individual can handle a certain role.  
  1. Role-specific skills: These tests can have a wide range of questions that are dependent on the open position and industry. For example, if you are hiring for a marketing job. The role-specific skills that you would ask for in this assessment may be around SEO and social media. And similarly, for a warehouse worker, questions may be centered around the proper way to operate warehouse equipment. 
  1. Software/hard skills– These are testing skills such as software that you may need to use in the jobs and skills such as typing. I will use the example of a marketing position again; this test would include graphic design software like Photoshop to ensure that you know these skills and can perform the job.  
  1. Emotional intelligence– The point of this test is to gauge the knowledge of emotions and the relationship-building skills an individual has. Being able to handle diverse types of situations and relationships in the workplace is important. Traits such as teamwork, adaptability, and empathy will ensure that the applicant will have a good relationship and be able to build relationships with teams and clients. 
  1. Work sample/simulation– This type of test is centered around on-the-job simulation-based questions. For example, if you are applying for a sales job many times the simulation will be in person or online where you must deal with making a sales pitch. Similarly, a work sample would be a writing sample for a journalist position. Both are important to make sure you can handle on-the-job tasks. 

Although there are many diverse types of tests all of them serve a purpose in helping your organization hire the right candidate the first time. Having so many different pre employment assessments gives you the opportunity to pick what best suits you or mix and match tests so you can test your applicants on all the items that you find important. Pre-employment testing can be a great way to get your applicant started in the hiring process. This will help you get more individuals in the funnel and less out of the funnel to interview helping you narrow down your search and find the best fit hire. 

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