Old School Job Applications Don’t Work!

Are you stuck in the 90’s using one-way information job applications to try and hire? You aren’t alone, most companies use the same old boring and inefficient application process to hire. These companies include fortune 500 companies who have every resource needed to implement a better system – but they don’t. Why is that? There are any number of reasons but most likely it is simply because they are stuck with an outdated piece of technology and/or mentality.  In other words,  they feel like they must use it because the company spent so much money on it. The truth is, they have been doing it the same way for so long that the idea of changing never even occurs to the decision makers.  Yet companies are still complaining that they can’t get enough quality applicants.  So why not change, or at least add something to the process to help?

Typical Job Application Experience:

1. Applicant spends 45 minutes answering questions – many of which don’t have anything to do with the job.

2. Applicant receives no feedback as to what expectations are, what a typical day on the job is like or why the company stands out among others.

3. Applicant many times never hears back from the company leaving a bad impression on the candidate.

4. Applicant gets halfway through the application and decides it is a waste of their time. In fact, 60% of all applicants never finish the typical application – they drop off.

In a hiring environment like the one we are in right now with major challenges finding employees, this traditional approach to job applications certainly isn’t going to help. Imagine a situation whereby company X must hire 50 workers in two months’ time for the holiday rush. With the traditional approach they would need to find 125 people to fill out the application JUST to get 50 people to complete it. So, the waste in this situation is found throughout the process:

What a WASTE!

  • Dollars spent on advertising the job simply to have enough people to fill out the application
  • Time spent by hiring manager sifting through applicants that may or may not be qualified
  • Applicant time spent on applying for a job whereby they get nothing in return


The Case for Video-based Job Applications

Technology today is far more advanced and can certainly make the traditional approach to job applications better for everyone involved. If a car can just about drive itself, then you have to think that the job application is ready for an improvement. The video-based job application is just that. Here’s how it works:

1. The applicant follows an easy “Apply here” link.

Instead of going to a form fill traditional application, they are met with a video that gives a quick 1-2 minute overview of the company they are applying at and allows for a true value pitch as to why that applicant should work there.

2. The applicant is then met with their virtual interviewer who is going to walk them through the entire process.

Instead of just seeing a question and filling out the answer, this allows for the pre-recorded interviewer to set-up the question and provide context as to why it is important or how it should be understood. And then based on the candidates answers the employee value proposition can immediately be told to the candidate versus them having to wait weeks to speak to someone live.

3. Adaptive Questioning

This is the process of how the questions are asked what is asked depending on how the previous question was answered. Simply put, this allows the applicant to get real-time feedback on important areas of the job responsibilities, benefits, compensation and others. For instance, if the question being asked is about starting salary and what the applicant’s requirements are, the interviewer can give feedback depending on what the answer is.

4. Time savings

Because there is a person walking the applicant through the process, asking only the most critical questions to the job, typical video-based applications only take between 6-10 minutes and are much more enjoyable to go through at the applicant.

Benefits of a video-based job application:

  • Time savings – shorter times frame to complete the application and easier for the hiring manager to sift through the applicants.
  • Better experience – Applicants will remember a good experience and try to forget the bad one. You want them to speak highly of your company when discussing with their friends and it all starts with the application process.
  • Better quality throughput – meaning because the process allows for more specific questions, the application turns into the first interview and truly acts as a pre-employment assessment. This provides the ability to screen effectively while also allowing the candidate to self-select themselves out if the fit simply isn’t there.

When it comes to hiring, don’t just keep doing what you have always been doing – change it up and start with the job application process!

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