Use 360 feedback for managers to make an impact on your business. 

360 degree feedback has been proven an effective tool for developing leadership skills throughout organizations worldwide for decades. It is a proven methodology used to assessbenchmark and clarify what behaviors are strengths and what behaviors are weaknesses that need to be improved.  

Many times, organizations don’t have a clear picture of the actual capabilities and developmental needs of the overall leadership team Often, there are blind spots and hidden strengths that when identified can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the organization Many companies focus their efforts primarily on the executive level within the organization which clearly will have an impact.  However, sometimes the next level down of directors and managers are left out of the process.  There are a clear set of competencies (I.e., Communicates with Impact, Results Orientation, etc.) that can be defined as a must for any manager and 360 feedback is a great tool to identify areas for improvement. 

Top 5 qualities of a good manager

1. Excellent communication skills 

Being a good communicator is essential to being a good managerManagers need to communicate clearly, frequently, and in a persuasive manner.  Understanding expectations, roles and clear consistent communication are typical in any top performing managerial position. 

2. Are persuasive 

Lets face it, you can be a good communicator and still not be persuasive. Every organization is driving to some type of goal and each person in the organization has a role to play in making sure those goals are met. A persuasive person will typically get their team to deliver on those quicker and with more quality than a non-persuasive person. 

3. They are not micromanagers 

It is common for new managers to be micro-managers. They are concerned with how they are perceived and commonly don’t have trust built with the team yet. Once trust is built, the need for micro-management goes away and allowing freedom is essential not just for the person being managed to do their job better but also for the manager to be able to focus on their job.  Good managers often allow their team to deal with the tactical needs of the function so the manager can be freed up to be more strategic. 

4. They build trust with their subordinates 

The ultimate satisfaction for managers revolves around the trust that is built between the person being managed and the manager. Once that trust is created, incredible outcomes can occur. 

5. They handle pressure well 

Everyone in every position will have a time of crisis or time of high stress. If a manager can’t handle the pressure, they tend to blow up or internalize all of it but it is felt by the rest of the team. The ability to handle pressure goes a long way in performing well as a manager. 

When looking at the top 5 qualities of a managers, 360 feedback surveys are able to measure each of the top 5 qualities listed. The fact that the survey itself is done by the person being reviewed, their peers, their subordinates, and their own managers makes the 360 feedback report the best starting point for identifying any needed behavior changes. Managers are going to be more open to believing the results and therefore more open to the areas of improvement identified in the report. 

360 feedback for managers – top outcomes

  1. Once reviewed a manager has a 360 viewpoint into how they are performing as a manager. They now have an established benchmark created by the 360 report and can understand what areas need improvement. 
  2. The team that helped review the manager has a sense of their opinion being of importance and the ability to help create change. 
  3. The executives overseeing the managers have a good sense for what is happening in that part of the business and what areas of improvement are needed as well as potentially identifying leaders for promotions down the road. 
  4. The 360 feedback report creates a good starting point for an overall development plan. Now the talent development group can build a specific plan as it relates to their manager’s needs. 
  5. Better teamwork and overall productivity. At the end of the day 360 feedback for managers creates a structure to nurture positive behavior change which has ripple effects across the organization. 

As you can see, 360 feedback is not only good for top executives, it plays a vital role in developing managers. 

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