In past posts, we have talked a lot about what 360 Feedback is, and what the benefits are to implementing it in an organization from many different perspectives. The focus of this post will be directed toward helping organizations make the decision whether or not to implement a 360 evaluation.  

Every organization should ask themselves a couple of questions to help determine whether they are ready for a 360 evaluation. This process could include a couple of different things. Making sure that you ask some of the key questions below will help to gauge readiness for a 360 evaluation in any organization.  

Key Questions to answer before implementing 360:  

1. Do you have organizational support from the top of the organization/department?  

Without organizational support, many initiatives will fail.  If someone at the top of the organization is not supporting or encouraging the initiative what motivation might the participant have for engaging in the 360 review?   

2. Is your company culture built for this process?  

Company culture in this sense deals with how employees get along, have relationships, and work with each other. A company culture that would likely show success in their 360 evaluation would be one with strong relationships, trust, communication, passion for their work, and openness to feedback. A company with a lack of these things would be less successful.  

3. What is the objective of your 360 evaluation process? 

Organizations should set the overall goal or objective of a 360 before implementing it into their organization. Many times, the objective will be leadership development. Making sure that the purpose of the 360 is clear will ensure its success. Participants will have more truthful responses and participants and leaders will understand why they are taking part in the process. Knowing the goal will also ensure that it will be used further than just getting handed the feedback report. 

4. How will you implement it?  

We have covered this topic in detail here.  But the basics of this is to know the answers to some questions, who will be taking it, who will be administering it, when will it be taken, and will you provide coaching to go along with your surveys and reports. Knowing the basics of who, how, and when will help tremendously in figuring out whether this is right for you.  

5. Do you have the resources?  

This is very important. Along with having the organizational support to implement the 360 from point 1, it is also ideal to ensure you have all other resources to implement and make ongoing development easier. This could be things such as having HR specialists available to administer the survey and be there as a helping hand along the way.  Along with this knowing whether you have the ability to develop and train the individuals during their development period and whether you have coaches within the organization to mentor individuals are equally important resources to have a successful 360. Understanding your resources and potential constraints will help ensure success with your 360 survey process. 

If can answer all of these questions and decide you do have the ability to make this investment then implementing a 360 evaluation into your organization is a no-brainer. But if you do not have the answers to some of them this is a good guide to help you take a step back and get your organization ready to implement a 360 soon. It will give you insights into what internally needs to happen in the organization before adopting a 360 evaluation. The good news is, that 360 evaluations can be taken at any point during the year so there is always time to get your organization ready for a 360 feedback process.   

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